Calcium Chloride Flake 5kg

Calcium Chloride Flake 5kg
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Calcium Chloride Flake 5kg

Calcium chloride, CaCl2, is a salt of calcium and chloride. It behaves as a typical ionic halide, and is solid at room temperature. Common applications include brine for refrigeration plants, ice and dust control on roads, and desiccation.

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Fast growing plants require large amounts of calcium and often require as much calcium as any one of the macro nutrients.  In soils dolomite addition is a successful way of treating deficiencies. Deficiency thus displays first in the new growth where leaf tips tend to die back and new leaves show a brown to black scorching

Calcium supports the cell walls and is an important part of the plant root structure.  It is not very mobile and is thus more concentrated in the older growth.  Calcium is fundamental in cell growth and is responsible for cell integrity and membrane permeability which ensures proper flow of nutrients.  Roots must have calcium present at their tips.

Deficiencies symptoms of Calcium progression:

  • Young leaves turn a very dark green
  • Growth is slow and new shoots are discoloured
  • New shoots are mishapen, strivel and die
  • Bud development is very slow


Treatment of Calcium deficiency:

  • Add lime or dolomite to soil
  • Foliar feed crops using calcium chelate – be careful to trial an area first so not to cause damage to crop
  • Flush media with a well balanced nutrient blend
  • Check and adjust pH of media.

Calcium Toxicity:

Generally toxicity signs are difficult to see as they are masked by the deficiencies of others.  Manganese, magnesium, iron and zinc deficiencies can be exacerbated by high levels of calcium.  These elements can be present but become unavailable due to the high levels of calcium.  High levels can also stunt growth particularly if applied during early growth of the plant.  Excess levels in a hydroponic solution can cause precipitation and or cloudiness in the solution due to the reaction with sulphur.


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